Sep 14

The Psalms (Part 7)


Pastor Greg Lynch – An exposition of Psalm 24 (incl. supplemental passages)

– Continuing to study the Psalms brings us to Psalm 24, which reveals a treatise for anyone who claims to be a worshiper of the Lord, as Pastor Greg Lynch provides a deep look at this Psalm and gives us a scriptural standard for worshiping the King of Glory.

Sep 07

The Psalms (Part 6)


Pastor Greg Lynch – An exposition of Psalm 22:21-31

– The first part of Psalm 22 is a parallel between a struggle David is facing, and what Christ faced during the crucifixion. The second half of Psalm 22, however, takes on a completely different perspective. Our interim pastor, Greg Lynch, takes us through the remainder of Psalm 22 and shows us how it relates to future glory when all people will praise the Lord.

Aug 31

The Psalms (Part 5)


Pastor Greg Lynch – An exposition of Psalm 22 (incl. supplemental passages)

– In his latest expositional sermon in Psalms, Pastor Greg Lynch takes us to Psalm 22 and shows us how David’s struggle when he wrote the Psalm relates and compares to Christ’s struggle during the crucifixion.

WARNING: Portions of this sermon contain graphic content relating to the description of the process and effects of crucifixion. Listener discretion is advised.

Aug 24

Enduring for the Ministry


Guest Speaker: Pastor Matt Tarr – An exposition of 2 Timothy 2:8-13

– In a continuing exposition of the second chapter of Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy, Pastor Matt Tarr offers encouragement and also a challenge to keep our hand to the plow and endure whatever trials and troubles may come for the sake of remaining true to the ministry that glorifies God.