Apr 20

Easter 2014: The Trial, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Christ


Pastor Joe Schloegel – A topical sermon on the subject of Christ’s trial, crucifixion, and resurrection

- In celebration of the Lord’s resurrection and triumph over sin and death, we take a close look at a number of passages which detail the final hours of Christ’s life, all the way through to His resurrection. There is also discussion of what our own resurrection and eternal state will look like according to Scripture.

Apr 16

Palm Sunday 2014: The Triumphal Entry


Pastor Joe Schloegel – A topical sermon on the subject of the Triumphal Entry

- In celebration of Palm Sunday, this sermon covers Christ’s arrival in Jerusalem a week before His death. But what is it that makes the Triumphal Entry so important? Pastor Joe Schloegel takes us through a close look at various Old and New Testament passages which reveal that the events of Palm Sunday were yet another Messianic Prophesy fulfilled in the person of Christ. This coupled with various other qualities and deeds of Christ prove definitively that Jesus was, indeed, the Messiah.

Apr 06

Right Intentions


Pastor Joe Schloegel - An exposition of Philippians 2:19-30

- In this expository sermon from Philippians, Pastor Joe Schloegel guides us through the correct mindset that a pastor should have by using the illustration of Timothy, while also demonstrating the proper mindset of a Christian by using the illustration of Epaphroditus.

Mar 30

Citizens of Heaven


Pastor Joe Schloegel - An exposition of Philippians 2:12-30 (incl. supplemental passages)

- Our citizenship is not of this earth. Rather, we are citizens of heaven, and partakers of all that implies. This should manifest itself in our lives in a number of ways which are highlighted in this expository sermon from the second chapter of Philippians.

Mar 23

Be of One Mind


Pastor Joe Schloegel - An exposition of Philippians 2:1-11

- In an exposition of Philippians 2, Pastor Joe Schloegel shows us the commands for Christians within the Body to be of one mind, having one soul, loving one another unconditionally and serving one another. This is reflected in the example set by Christ when he left His throne in heaven and took on human form. The point is reiterated that having right theology and proclaiming Truth is of the utmost importance in the life of the Church.

Mar 16

To Live is Christ


Pastor Joe Schloegel - An exposition of Philippians 1:12-26 (incl. supplemental passages)

- Using an example of Paul in his writings to Philippi while he was in prison, Pastor Joe Schloegel demonstrates the mindset that Christians should have in their lives, what they should live for, what their goals should be, how they should rejoice whenever the Truth is proclaimed, and how they should handle trials when they come.

Mar 02

Consider the Cross


HPBC Deacon: Mike Griego - An exposition of Matthew 27:27-50

- In this sermon, we are reminded that our lives should be dominated by thoughts of the cross, and through an exposition of the Gospel of Matthew, Deacon Mike Griego takes us to the crucifixion and challenges us to remember all that Christ had to endure so that we might be saved.

Feb 23

Rights vs. Responsibility


Pastor Joe Schloegel - An exposition of 1 Corinthians 8, 9, & 10

As we grow in our faith, we come to understand that there are some practices that are amoral (that is, they are not actually sinful), and are therefore not a threat to our sanctification. However, for some who are not as strong in their faith, these practices may become a stumbling block to them because they don’t know better. In an exposition of 1 Corinthians 9-10, we examine whether these amoral issues should be readily practiced because it’s our right, or if we should be willing to give up those rights out of love for a weaker brother.

Feb 16

Waiting for a Faithful God


HPBC Deacon: Greg Lynch - An exposition of Psalm 40:1-5 (incl. supplemental passages)

It’s very easy to become discouraged or impatient while we are waiting on God, but it is of the utmost importance to remember the He is and will always be faithful to do what He has promised. In this sermon, HPBC deacon Greg Lynch provides and expositional look at a number of scriptural passages on God’s faithfulness and provides instruction on how we should pray and wait upon the Lord.